About Us

CCS Cheshire has been helping schools gain best value, best quality and best management of school buildings in Cheshire for around 10 years. We know and understand the processes involved.

Allied to this, our team comprises of people with the relevant backgrounds to ensure work is completed effectively and efficiently.

In an age of litigation and ever changing legislation, CCS Cheshire is here to ensure that you can concentrate on educating children, whilst we concentrate on making sure your building, staff, visitors and children are safe.

Safeguarding is of paramount importance to us, therefore, all the contractors we employ are DBS checked and can provide proof of their current DBS certificate. CCS Cheshire maintains a central record of all certificate numbers for verification.

We continuously check for updates on British Standards, Health and Safety, DBS, contractors insurance, qualifications and references. This gives you and your school peace of mind in an increasingly challenging environment.

Transparent organisation and ways of working are central to CCS Cheshire’s philosophy. You can clearly see that we deliver value for money. Equally, dealing with us means continuity of contact; you will always have a main contact and you can always trust them to organise every job properly.