Funding CIF

The CIF grant replaces the Academies Capital Maintenance Fund (ACMF) for academies, and the Building Improvement Fund (BCIF), for sixth-form colleges.

Applicants can apply for project funding to address either the condition or expansion priorities of the school.

The condition priority is keeping academy and college buildings safe and in good working order by tackling poor building condition, building compliance, energy efficiency and health and safety issues with the most significant consequences.

The expansion priority is to support eligible academies and colleges to expand their existing facilities and/or floor space.

Academies and colleges are expected to consider the opportunity for incorporating energy efficiency during wider building refurbishment as this frequently provides a highly cost effective opportunity for such works. As part of the CIF, EFA is working closely with Salix Finance to promote energy efficiency projects (and other condition projects that also address energy efficiency) that provide revenue savings by providing an interest free loan as all or part of the funding.

Salix loans have already been approved by HM Treasury and no additional approval to take out these loans is required. Where applicants offer to contribute to project funding through a Salix loan, they will receive a higher score under the costs and funding criterion (worth 20% of the overall score).

You do not need to submit a separate application to Salix, if your project has energy savings you should attach the completed Energy Savings Support Tool along with supporting calculations in with your CIF bid.

With our experience and expertise in working with schools throughout Cheshire East and West CCS Cheshire can assist in your bid preparation by providing the following:-

  • Condition survey
  • Project management
  • Building Regulations advice
  • Costs and Funding
  • Energy Efficiency surveys for Salix loans
  • Bespoke building surveys
  • Deliverabiliity