Funding Salix Energy Efficiency Loans Scheme

The scheme allows schools and academies to apply for an interest free loan to finance up to 100% of the costs of energy saving projects meeting the given criteria outlined on the Project Compliance toolkit. The capital is paid back using the savings produced through reduced energy bills.

Schools and Academies have been granted blanket approval by the Secretary of State to apply to Salix for energy efficiency loans.

Schools can work with consultants to conduct an energy audit, help identify projects and prepare an application. Loan applications can include project management fees, as long as the application remains compliant to payback within 4 years.

The loans must be paid back to Salix by direct debit every April and October over 4 years in 8 equal instalments .

Provided a project meets the Scheme’s compliance criteria, project costs can include installation costs and the cost of project managing the installation if this is required i.e. the cost of a consultant to manage the implementation and completion of a project.

Projects must be completed within a 9 month timeframe from the commitment date.

With our experience and expertise in working with schools throughout Cheshire East and West CCS Cheshire can assist in your application by providing the following:-

  • Condition survey
  • Project management
  • Building Regulations advice
  • Costs and Funding
  • Energy Efficiency surveys for Salix loans
  • Bespoke building surveys
  • Deliverabiliity